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Wallywoods is for people who want to explore the World alongside history's best, short story writers.


Let Joyce, Irving, Pushkin, Bosman, Themba and many more show you what war really is, where to find God and why love can switch to hate (and back again) in the blink of an eye.

Great writing is judged over time and it remains one of our strongest antidotes to the onslaught of mediocrity from our social media feeds. That said, Wallywoods is for busy people; Read a story in 20 minutes (or thereabouts); Font and layout is optimized for mobile phones; New story links are sent to your email address.


Wallywoods is completely free. If you like the content, please share it with like-minded folk.


Happy reading.


Mike Waller, Founder

For more on the site's Content Policy, click here.

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